Welcome to EHSSENTIALS 2017, co-sponsored by Mayo Clinic

A one-of-a-kind event that brings together Environmental, Health & Safety professionals from healthcare for an information-rich, strategy-packed day

At EHSSENTIALS, you’ll learn from industry experts about the latest EHS trends, issues and solutions affecting healthcare facilities. Adding to the day’s experience are case studies from subject matter experts that provide real world work examples.

Our first event in Minnesota is co-sponsored by Mayo Clinic and features topics on management systems for healthcare EHS, safe patient handling, radiation safety, crisis communications, mobility as medicine, nanotechnology risk prevention and injury prevention program improvements and more.


Our first EHSSENTIALS Symposium, co-sponsored with Stanford Health Care, was held at Stanford University in 2014. The program has grown since then. In fact, in 2017 conferences are scheduled for Houston (MD Anderson), Los Angeles (UCLA), Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic), Stanford (co-sponsored with Stanford Health Care), and Portland (Legacy Health). Each one has a different agenda aimed at meeting the needs of healthcare EHS professionals in the region.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Kahler Grand Hotel
20 2nd Ave SW, Rochester, MN 55902

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Who Should Attend
Healthcare Industry EHS Professionals including:

  • EHS Leaders and EHS Professionals
  • Safety Leaders
  • Risk Management Leaders
  • Environmental Professionals
  • HR Leaders
  • Facilities Leaders

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EHSSENTIALS 2017 co-sponsored by:

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BSI EHS Services and Solutions
BSI EHS Services and Solutions assists hospitals, clinics, long-term care and other healthcare facilities to protect employee and patient safety, prevent environmental factors from impacting the quality of care and medical outcomes, institute sustainable and socially responsible practices, and create facilities that support healing and operate with financial efficiency.

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Environmental, Health & Safety Symposium for Healthcare